1.     School -issued physical education shirt and shorts. Cost $18.75 a set (shorts $6.75, shirt $12.00)

    2.     Athletic socks.

    3.     Non-marking tennis/gym shoes (no sandals, lugged-sole shoes, clogs, or slides)

    4.     Sweatshirts, windbreakers, or sweaters (no coats) will be needed on days when the weather is cool. 

           Sweats that are worn in P.E. class should not be those you wore to school that day.            

    5.     PE clothing should go home at least once a week to be washed.

    6.     Destruction or alterations to PE clothing will not be tolerated, whether it is to your own uniform or to         another person’s uniform.



    1.     No hairdryers, curling irons, or other electrical appliances will be allowed in the locker rooms.

    2.     No cameras, cell phones, ipads, or ipods are allowed in the locker room.

    3.     You may not wear the clothing you wore to school as part of your PE uniform.

    4.     Glass bottles and breakable mirrors are not allowed in the locker rooms.

    5.     Report all injuries to the instructor immediately.

    6.     Good manners, good language, and good conduct are expected at all times.

    7.     Gum, candy, pop, food, ECT. are not allowed in the locker room or during PE class.

    8.     Jewelry must be removed during class. If ear rings are the post-type, very small, and they do not extend beyond the ear, you may wear them. However, you are taking the risk of having them accidentally ripped out. All other rings and devices worn in body piercings must be removed for safety reasons.

    9.     Valuables are your responsibility and should not be brought to class.

    10. Showers are recommended when students have been sweating in class. Clean towels are provided by the school.  

    11.   Students are to stay out of the PE offices and all equipment rooms unless permission is given by an instructor.

    12.   Students are not to leave the gym or playing area without permission from the instructor.

    13.   Students are never allowed to use any kind of physical education equipment without direct permission or supervision by the instructor.

    14.   Students are to wait in their respective locker rooms at the beginning and end of the period until the         instructor dismisses them.

    15.   Do not open or exit the outside doors at either end of the gym unless directed to do so by an instructor.

    16. If you create a mess in the locker room, please be responsible and clean it up. If you need, help see the

           teacher in the locker room.



    1.     Each nine week grade is cumulative based on total points. Students will start each day with 20 points. The points will be deducted according to the following criteria: 

            DESCRIPTION:                                                                                     DEDUCTIONS:

            Improper dress, or borrowing a uniform, or shoes  *************** -10 per day

            Wearing jewelry ****************************************** -10 per day

            Tardy to class ********************************************* -10 per day

            Having gum or candy during class **************************** -10 per day


    2.     Participation, Sportsmanship, and Attitude: This grade is included in the 20 points for each day. Each student can lose all 20 points if participation, sportsmanship, and/or attitude are below expectations.

    4.     Written Tests/Fitness Tests: Written tests/fitness tests are given during some units. These tests will be averaged into the daily grades.  Written tests cover the history and rules of sports      and games. Fitness Tests will test the Presidential Fitness tests (sit-ups, pull-ups, sit and reach, shuttle run, and mile run)


    1.     The school has clean uniforms, and shoes that may be borrowed on a one-day basis if students leave theirs at home. Students will lose 10 points each day an item is borrowed.


    1.     Notes from a parent or guardian: If a student is unable to participate in PE due to illness or injury, a note is required. All notes from home must include the date you are to miss PE class and they must     state the reason why you need to be excused from class. A note from home will excuse a student for one day of P.E. A maximum of three notes for consecutive days before a doctor’s note is required.

    2.     Doctor’s notes: A doctor’s note will allow a student to miss more than three days in a row. Alternate         work may be required in the place of in-class participation.

    3    Sit out of P.E. Class / No Note: A note is required, but if circumstances do not allow you to bring an

          excuse written by a parent or guardian, you must bring the note on the following school day or you will receive a zero for the previous day on which you did not participate. Also, you will only be allowed to sit out of class without a note one time during the nine-week class session.



    1.   Students will be provided with a PE locker and lock.

    2.  Do Not share your combination with others.

    3.   Do Not change lockers without permission.

    4.   Everything must be locked in your locker before you leave the locker room.

    5.   Lost locks must be paid for before another one will be issued. ($5.00)

    6.   Locks not turned in at the end of the year must be paid for.

    7.   Make sure your personal possessions are in the locker and the lock is always locked on your locker before you leave the locker room.

    8. Girls, bring a baggie for jewelry so you do not lose them in the lockers.