Annual Orientation Packet Instructions


    All employees please refer to the Canvas Staff Orientation Page linked below to read and review the orientation documents. 

    The documents are all on-line. We must have documentation that indicates that you are aware of this information and have read all of the items.

    You will be invited into the course via email. Sign into Canvas using your NACS username and password. When you log into Canvas, please select the green “Accept” button inviting you into the course. Please see your Bldg. Administrator, or contact the NACS Technology Office at ext. 1800, or 338-5320, if you do not know your login information.

    Canvas NACS Orientation Course

    (You must log on to the NACS STAFF ORIENTATION Canvas Page to access the Annual Orientation Packet items)

    After you have read all documents, you will be prompted to provide an electronic signature.