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Board Approved Resolution About ESSA and Standardized Testing

WHEREAS    the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) replaced the failed federal policies of No Child Left Behind; AND

WHEREAS    ESSA provides each state with the flexibility to re-create their state assessment and accountability systems; AND

WHEREAS    the State of Indiana created an ISTEP Panel to recommend changes to the State’s assessment system; AND

WHEREAS    the current state assessment system requires excessive amounts of testing time, decreases instructional time, and fails to provide timely information that is useful to parents, students, teachers, or schools; AND

WHEREAS    standardized test scores fail to embody the comprehensiveness and complexity of student potential; AND

WHEREAS    standardized test scores provide an inadequate and narrow evaluation of teacher, school, or district success while failing to acknowledge and appraise the comprehensive and complex nature of fulfilling the diverse spectrum of student needs; AND

WHEREAS    the current one-score-fits-all approach ineffectively and inequitably quantifies success among students and the comprehensive and complex work being completed each and every day within our schools.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of School Trustees of Northwest Allen County Schools does hereby request our General Assembly, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Board of Education, and all other education policymakers throughout Indiana to …

1.       eliminate and replace the current state assessment system with a system that requires significantly less testing time and provides immediately actionable information about student learning progress and student learning needs that can be used by parents, students, teachers, and schools to create short-term and long-term continuous improvement action plans; AND

2.       eliminate the graduation requirement of passing a graduation qualifying examination; AND

3.       eliminate the mandate of including standardized test scores within the educator evaluation process; AND

4.       eliminate and replace the current state accountability system with a system that provides a more complete and accurate picture of school and district progress towards helping each student become college, career, and citizenship ready by including multiple measures of progress such as, but not limited to, non-test score evidence of college and career readiness, graduation rates, parent and student survey results, evidence of creating effective conditions for learning, evidence of overcoming  barriers to learning, and evidence of future-ready skills such as algorithmic and critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

ADOPTED this 13th day of March 2017.