Brandon Basham transforms from Assistant Principal to Principal

 By Vanessa Gibson, Staff Writer

Assistant Principal Brandon Basham is busy at work during his last few months at Carroll as he prepares for his new position   
 Assistant Principal Brandon Basham is busy at work during his last few months at Carroll as he prepares for his new position as Carroll Middle School Principal. 


  The 2015-2016 school year will be the last year for Assistant Principal Brandon Basham at Carroll High School (CHS) as he has accepted a position as principal at Carroll Middle School (CMS) starting next year.

   Basham has been an assistant principal for five years. For two of those years, before Basham came to CHS, he was an assistant principal at four different school buildings throughout Fort Wayne:  Miami Middle School, Towles Montessori School, Memorial Park Middle School, and Blackhawk Middle School.

   Basham’s three year journey at CHS began when there were two assistant principal positions open. Excited at the proposition of working with high school students, he interviewed for the position and was later given the job.

   As an assistant principal Basham deals with student attendance, student disciplinary actions on the 10-12 side of the high school, as well as evaluating teachers. Administrators also work on supervision and school security; they supervise areas such as the lunchroom, hallways, and parking lots, as well as plan for safety drills and events in order to keep Carroll up to date with the latest school safety trends.

   This past year, Basham began thinking about where he wanted to go for his next career move. Basham missed his time working at middle schools and had also been thinking that he was ready to take on the responsibility of being a principal.

   The Carroll Middle School principal position opened up this year when current principal John Miller took a position at the Northwest Allen County Schools Central Office. When the position opened, Basham went over to CMS and met with Miller to discuss the position and what he felt that CMS needed to do moving forward. Basham also walked around, met some of the staff, “got a vibe of the building,” and felt that it was a good fit for him. Thus, he applied and interviewed for the position. He found out a few weeks ago that he got the job as principal of CMS.

     Currently, Basham is visiting CMS as often as possible to see how things at the school are done, so he can be better prepared for next year. He is also preparing for the change by frequently meeting with the CMS staff and attending some of their collaboration meetings.

   “There is a lot of planning for the next school year that starts really the second semester of the year for every school,” Basham said, “so as they [CMS staff members] start to make decisions, they added me to the email list so I can see the things that they’re having conversations about and just starting to meet with the people that work there currently to figure out what questions that they have and what are things that they need answers for that will really impact us next year.”

   The CMS staff is having conversations about technology, because next year each student will have their own laptop according to the 1:1 technology plan. Staff members are interested to see how that transition is going to be dealt with. Since that will begin in the 2016-2017 school year, these decisions are starting to fall on Basham’s plate, which he sees as a good thing because they need to be prepared for it.

   Next school year will bring more changes for Carroll Middle School and many of the other schools in the Northwest Allen County School District with the implementation of 1:1, as well as a new schedule. It is because of these changes that Basham does not think it is wise to begin his career as principal by making any large changes to CMS.

   “My plan is to really sit back and observe,” Basham said. “There [are] enough natural changes going on that me making any changes to their system, I think would be irresponsible.”

   As Basham moves on to this new phase in his career, he says that he is certainly going to miss Carroll High School’s staff and students.

   “There are so many great people and I have developed so many great relationships with staff members here [at CHS] that it will be sad leaving,” Basham said, “and then of course leaving the students. A lot of time we [assistant principals] are working with students…and you make connections with kids and you want to help them along and help them to see the bigger picture and get them to graduate… so I am definitely going to miss that.”

   While Basham will miss his time here at Carroll High School, he is looking forward to his future at Carroll Middle School. Basham is excited to meet and work with a new staff as well as get to know students. Basham has worked with middle school students in the past.

   “I am definitely looking forward to working with that age level of kid again,” Basham said, “it is a completely different atmosphere…I love it here but I am looking forward to going back and working with those kids and helping them prepare for high school.”

   It is currently unknown as to who will take Basham’s current assistant principal position. All of the administrators in the district are currently looking over applications and are in the interviewing process.

   With the end of the school year quickly approaching and Basham’s time as a CHS assistant principal coming to a close, he wants to thank Carroll High School students for making his time here so incredible.

   “Thank you to all of the students,” Basham said, “I think it was an awesome experience to have been here and it’s really hard to leave. I honestly would have never left unless it wasn’t a great and perfect fit for me moving forward and I certainly think that I found that at Carroll Middle School. But the kids have been great from the moment I got here and I couldn’t say anything bad about my time here which I think is a really cool thing.”

   Basham will start fulfilling his new role as CMS principal on July 1, 2016.