Carroll Rifle Club shoots towards the future

By Jasmine Fortier, Staff Writer

   Carroll High School’s Rifle Club, unknown to many, is a team of four students that competes against other teams in events in which they use air rifles to hit targets.

   At each competition, there are three different positions from which team member’s aim and fire at targets. There is standing, kneeling, and a lying down position known as Prone. For each event, ten targets are shot, and the team members aim to get the best score that they can out of 300 points.

 Unlike other activities and sports, Carroll’s Rifle Club does not need to meet certain standards to qualify for the state meet. To compete in state, the club only needs to sign up and go to compete.

   In order to get ready for State the rifle club has competed against many other schools. According to Shank this year, Carroll’s Rifle Club only managed to beat two schools as a result of their small team, but they are determined to do better in the upcoming years with improved recruitment for new members.

   Rifle and firing club teams have the options of Sporter, Precision, and Small-bore when purchasing their air rifles. Carroll’s team is tasked with choosing their brand of air rifles, as well as their uniforms. The costs to be a part of the club are around a thousand dollars each year, which includes both the team uniform and the equipment.

   Junior Stuart Shank is a second year participant in the club and came to be a 17th place finisher at State out of seventy -seven. While at a knife and gun show, he was introduced to the Bishop Dwenger team who was at the time attempting to encourage the start of a team at Carroll. This catalyzed the start of Carroll’s Rifle Club.

   “The experiences and how much better I’ve gotten with a rifle [were] worth it,” Shank said. “I would just like more people to join. I’m not expecting people to come cheer us on while we’re shooting. I know other more popular sports that don’t even get that. We’re just looking for more people to join.”

   Currently the season has ended for the team.  While their season was ongoing, they practiced twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Their practices were at least an hour and a half long. Their season begins early October and goes on until March.

   Shank particularly enjoys traveling with the club and meeting new people along the way. With it being a smaller group of people, he was able to get to know his teammates better than a bigger team would have allowed. Ultimately, Shank hopes his experience in Carroll’s Rifle Club will help him in his future career.

   “For me, my final goal is to go into the military,” Stuart said, “so getting more used to being more precise with a gun will help me in the long run there.”

   Similar to many other sports, the Rifle Club continues into college, and students can gain scholarships if they accomplish enough with the sport in high school. There are also chances of earning additional scholarships from the activity while in college.

   The Rifle Club gives students a chance to improve their firing skills while also paving a way for their futures.