Carroll seniors win scholarships


Hagemann show's enthusiasm for Chipotle Essay Scholarship. 
By Jasmine Fortier, Staff Writer
  Two members of the Carroll 2016 senior class, August Hagemann and Brooke Bieszke, participated in and procured scholarships in the Chipotle, Lilly, and Chapman programs to help with college expenses.  

   Senior August Hagemann applied for the Chipotle Essay Scholarship Contest during the spring of 2015. The Essay Scholarship Contest consisted of “recalling a time where food created a memory.” Hagemann wrote about a childhood memory at Navy Pier, while trying to feed the seagulls the last bits of a treat.

   The Chipotle Essay Scholarship consisted of $20,000 to the college of Hagemann’s choice and the display of his short essay on the cups and bags of the restaurant chain. Hagemann saw the idea of his story being displayed as a great motivator for participating in the competition.

   After high school, Hagemann plans to use the scholarship to attend Miami University. He said he now has a better outlook on his future, as a portion of the financial burden of his education has been lifted. 

 “At first it, was kind of hard to process really – ‘wow there’s a whole year of college taken care of,’” Hagemann said. “Then that surprise eventually settled into ‘hey, it feels good to have won’ and also with it came a lot of security; college finances are also so uncertain.” 

   Brooke Bieszke approached her post-high school preparation with two exceedingly competitive scholarships. She applied for the Chapman Scholarship and was offered a chance to compete for the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship. She ended up being awarded both scholarships.

    Bieszke was only able to use one of the scholarships, as both provided full tuition. After much consideration, she decided to give up her Lilly Scholarship in order to take advantage of her Chapman Scholarship, which is exclusive to IPFW.

   “It was really exciting and changed everything [when I won the Chapman Scholarship],” Bieszke said. “I was like ‘I don’t know what to do now, I have a lot of choices to make.’”

   The Lilly Endowment Scholarship is a program that awards full ride tuition to specially selected Indiana students.

   To begin the process, Bieszke wrote an essay that went with the application. She then participated in a group activity to test how well she worked with other people. Nearing the end, Bieszke had to go through a personal interview with the staff of the program to assess her.

   The Chapman Scholarship focuses on the basis of the needs, financially and academically for example. Bieszke in particular received hers with a full ride to her college of choice; IPFW. To apply she had to write an essay about her place in the community, and then another on what she plans to do after college; her major of choice being Political Science.

   Bieszke believes if given enough effort, future students when applying for scholarships shouldn’t underestimate themselves.

   With both of their scholarships and majors of choice under their belts, Hageman and Bieszke have their plans set and are ready for life after high school. They will use their scholarships as a ways pursue goals that may have been more difficult to follow beforehand with college expenses.