Justin Becker expected to break 100-meter record

By Luke Hanna, Staff Writer

Caption: Carroll Track and Field Team running laps during practice indoors.

  Carroll Track and Field Team running laps during practice indoors.

   The Carroll Boys’ Track and Field season starts on March 5 at New Haven and their biggest goal for the season is for each individual competitor to maximize their ability to the fullest and give their best effort in every meet.

   Coach David Brooks and Coach Phil Yoder both feel optimistic about the upcoming season. Carroll lost some key seniors last year, such as Jacob Schmelling and Connor Gynn due to graduation. Brooks feels confident that the spots left open by these graduating seniors will be fine because of the depth of the roster this season.

   “We are young and talented on both sides,” Brooks said. “Terms of particular freshman or sophomores [stepping up this season], I mean you can’t talk about underclassmen without talking about Justin Becker being a solid contributor [and] Dathan Tippey in the 400 on the guys side.”

   Two of the key underclassmen who will need to step up now and in the future are sophomore Justin Becker and sophomore Jonny Becker. Jonny Becker—who participates in high jump, long jump, 100 meter dash, and the 4-by-1—said he would really like to qualify for state this year.

   “My goal for all of my events would really be to beat my personal best,” Becker said. “For high jump I would like to qualify for state, so jumping 6 feet 4 inches would qualify me for state.”

   Jonny Becker believes that there are two possible records to beat this year. One of the school’s records that are very breakable this season is the 10.65 second 100-meter dash, which Justin Becker flirted with last year running the event in 10.68 seconds. As well as track events, field senior Caleb Johnson might have a chance of breaking the previous high jump record.

   “Caleb Johnson for high jump could very well beat the high jump record of 6 feet 8 inches,” Becker said. “He jumped 6 feet 5 inches last year so he is hoping to improve on that.”

  Last year, the Chargers took home fourteenth place in state. Considering Carroll’s depth in their roster and the fact that they didn’t lose many athletes from graduation, the team feels confident heading into this season.

   “We didn’t lose that many people so we hope that we can finish better,” Jonny Becker said. “We will just have to see what happens throughout the season.”

   The Boys’ Track and Field team hopes to continue where they left off and have a successful season this year. They hope do better in the state meet at Bloomington than in previous years. Coach Brooks believes that it would not be a surprise to see the Carroll team achieve success again this season, considering the practices have not changed and not much has changed during the offseason.

   “We still did our conditioning from the first week in January until the season starts and in February practicing three days a week,” Brooks said. “Really not a whole lot has changed, we kind of abide by the philosophy of if it has worked we are going to stick with it and we will certainly be open to learning and changing and making improvements.”

   The offseason may not have changed, but some of the athlete’s mindsets may have changed a bit and made them more determined than last year.

    “This year I feel like people are a lot more focused because we know that this year we can be extremely successful,” Jonny Becker said. “I feel like everyone gets the sense that our leaders think that this season we can get something big accomplished, so it makes us think we want to work really hard.”

   The track and field season starts March 5 for the Chargers and they hope to exceed all of their goals in this upcoming season.