Carroll Baseball defeats Northside in five innings


Carroll Baseball defeats Northside in five innings

By Luke Hanna, Sports Writer

   The Carroll Chargers Baseball team is off to a good start in the season with a record of 10-4 after their 14th official game this year. Carroll High School defeated Northside High School on April 27 with a final score of 11-0.

   The Chargers goal is to win state. The team looked playoff ready after beating Northside High School on a run rule in the fifth inning.

   A run rule describes when a team is leading by a specific amount of runs heading into a certain inning. In this case, the game is cut off and the team who had the most runs wins the game.

   Carroll looked like they had the win after the third inning, during which they scored eight runs. They tallied seven hits including an impressive bunt which got sophomore Nathan Fish on base.

   The inning also included one of sophomore Langston Ginder’s three hits and one of his three steals in the game. After that inning, it looked like Carroll earned the night’s victory.

   “Baseball is a crazy sport,” Ginder said. “If one thing happens it can be like a snowball effect, but we just stayed tough and followed the plan and got it done.”

   The Chargers starting pitcher in the April 27 game was junior Jake Ostrowski. He pitched throughout the first four innings, allowing only one hit and zero runs. In the fifth inning, senior Jake Pease subbed in and also allowed zero runs which led to the chargers run ruling Northside.

   By Indiana High School Athletic Association (ISHAA) regulations, each player can only pitch a certain amount of innings per week. This was one of the reasons that Ostrowski was taken out heading into the fifth inning.

   During inning four the Chargers tallied up three more runs to take the eventually game winning score of 11-0.

   Ginder played a good game going 3-for-3 from the plate with three stolen bases in innings one, three, and four and also recorded a couple RBI’s as well. Coach Dave Ginder decided to put him in the starting lineup and noticed his good performance.

   “Last night was a good night,” Dave Ginder said. “He’s had a strong start to the season and does a nice job for us.”

   The Chargers baseball team has lost a lot of seniors from last year, especially their outfielders. These positions have had to be taken over by sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have been deserving of the spots this season.

   “We lost Jacob Hanson, Trevor Snider, Tate Stiner, Sam Rhodes,” Langston Ginder said. “[At] third base Jared Shirk took over Trevor Snider’s position, Left field Parker Hale or Hunter Freeman [play now] which is where Jacob Hanson played, Sam Rhodes was a pitcher which we have pitching this year and a lot of people have stepped up, and Tate played everywhere so basically everyone stepped up that is on the team now.”

   The baseball team has three core values they choose to play by: toughness, loyalty, and excellence.

   The Carroll team knows to be tough on the field, loyal to their teammates and to have excellence in every possible way.

   The Charger baseball team plays their next game on May 7 at Plymouth High School.