Carroll Winter Guard swings third at state competition

By Isabelle Beezley, Editor-in-Chief

   Carroll’s Winter Guard placed third in the Indiana High School Color Guard Association (IHSCGA) Class A color guard state finals on March 12.

   Winter Guard is a division of color guard, a group who also performs with the marching band in the fall. The Winter Guard, however, is composed of the more skilled color guard members who must try out separately even if they were members of the fall color guard team. The Winter Guard competes against other high school guard teams where they are judged on flag technique, visual appeal and other aspects of their performance.

   The guards are split into different class divisions based on their skill and size: Class A, Open Class and World Class. Carroll competed in the Class A competition against 18 other schools from around Indiana.

   Junior Elizabeth Morgan competed with the Winter Guard for her third year as they performed at the state competition. The success the Winter Guard received was not without sacrifice by the students involved as guard requires a considerable amount of time allocation for practices from its members.

   “We practiced every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from late November until State,” Morgan said.

   Once at the competitions, the guard must be able to put on an interesting show that is both visually appealing and presents the basic skills seen in guard.

   “We are judged based on technique, performance ability, and being consistent throughout everything, making sure everyone looks the same, and general effect, like how the show looks and how we all look,” Morgan said.

   The Winter Guard’s show is based off of a new theme every year which is reflected in the costumes and the choreography of the show. This year, the theme chosen was “In This Universe”.

   “[The theme] was about space,” Morgan said. “It was supposed to be about how we all matter in the Universe.”

   Morgan said she was happily surprised that Carroll was placed so highly in the competition, as they experienced far greater success this year than in her previous years with the guard.

   “It was great,” Morgan said. “That was, like, the best Carroll High School Winter Guard has ever done. My freshman year we got ninth, then we got seventh and we were so hype about seventh and that’s the best we had done then. Then we got third and…nobody was expecting it, it was just very shocking and we’re all super happy about it.”

 Junior Josie Jefferies chose to join Carroll’s Winter Guard because her cousin was a member of Avon High School’s guard—ranked second in the World Class division. Impressed by her cousin’s skill, Jefferies decided to join for herself. Jefferies too has spent the last two years on the Winter Guard team and was ecstatic about the team’s admirable improvement over the years.

“It was really exciting,” Jeffries said. “I was kind of hoping we would get like fifth or something. It was nice to have some recognition.”

   Carroll won third place in the competition with a score of 81.490.