Bitting ‘humbled’ by new position as CHS principal

By Audrey Scaer, News Editor

Assistant Principal Brandon Bitting stands in front of Principal Sam DiPrimio’s office, Bitting’s future office when he becom  

Assistant Principal Brandon Bitting stands in front of Principal Sam DiPrimio’s office, Bitting’s future office when he becomes principal starting in the 2016-2017 school year 

   Carroll High School (CHS) will start the 2016-2017 school year with a new principal: current Assistant Principal Brandon Bitting.

   Bitting will be taking over the position when Principal Sam DiPrimio moves to become director of secondary education for Northwest Allen County Schools (NACS) at the NACS Central Office. Bitting said he became interested in pursuing the position as soon as he knew there would be an opening.

  “When Mr. DiPrimio announced that he was being moved up to the position at [NACS] Central Office and that there would be a vacancy,” Bitting said, “I guess at that point I was intrigued at the opportunity.”

   After going through the steps of applying for the position and meeting with NACS Superintendent Chris Himsel, Bitting found out that he secured the position. Bitting said he felt “humbled” at this development, especially because CHS is such a “great place to be.”

   “To be picked to be the next principal at Carroll is a great honor,” Bitting said.

   Bitting began his journey to becoming Carroll’s next principal long before the application process. He began his career in education as a Science teacher at Central Noble High School. After a number of years in that position, he moved to become an assistant principal at that school. Bitting regards the time he spent in the assistant principal position as distinctively valuable to him because of the school’s size.

   “That [being assistant principal at Central Noble] was unique,” Bitting said, “because at a smaller school as an assistant principal, you wear a lot of hats, so I was fortunate enough to gain a very wide range of experiences.”

   From Central Noble, Bitting moved to his current position as assistant principal at CHS. Bitting says that the time he has spent at Carroll has taught him how important teamwork and the ability to listen to others truly is.

   “Coming here [CHS] then as an assistant principal with a team of administrators has really given me an opportunity to have that collaborative effort and that team mentality in decision making that I didn’t necessarily have in my first administrative job,” Bitting said.

   As future principal of CHS, Bitting does not currently have any plans for specific changes that he will make but, rather, believes that changes will result naturally as a result of making choices based on situations that occur.

   “As opportunities come up and obstacles come up and things come up, you have to be ready to make decisions,” Bitting said. “Those decisions, through obstacles and opportunities, may cause change, but I don’t know that there’s anything that I’m looking at going ‘We’re absolutely going to change that.’”

   Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, not only will students have a new principal, but also new technology with the start of a one laptop per student program called 1:1. Bitting feels that the implementation of and transition to this system will be a main focus of his first year as principal.

   “I think the 1:1 piece will be a big focus,” Bitting said, “because there’s instructional strategies and instructional practices that we [the Carroll administration] are going to have to look at and just some logistical things with 1:1 devices in every students’ hands.”

   Despite possible challenges that could occur as a result of 1:1, Bitting feels that, ultimately, the goals of educational instruction at Carroll will remain the same.

   “At the end of the day,” Bitting said, “it does come back to that there’s still material that needs to be learned…It’s just the style that that learning takes that has the potential to change.”

   Beyond 1:1, with any issue that Bitting faces during his first year or any year as principal at CHS, Bitting said he will place the teaching and learning process and the people in Carroll High School above all else.

   “I think you prioritize the instructional piece and the piece for students and staff and what support we can give them so that they’ll be successful,” Bitting said.

  DiPrimio and Bitting will officially assume their new positions in NACS on July 6.