Changing Passwords

Users should always keep their network password secure and not share it with anyone else. Students in grades 7-12 are forced through the network to change their password at least once during the year and are welcome to change it again if it has been compromised. Students in grade 6 are strongly encouraged to change their password but are not forced.

Using a Windows laptop or desktop:

  • While connected to the NACS network, press Ctrl-Alt-Del (all three keys at the same time). A box will appear with several choices.
  • Choose the Change a Password option.
  • Enter the current password and then a new password in the boxes as shown, then click Submit.

Using a Chromebook:  PDF Version with Screenshots

  • If you don’t already have Office Online, Go to the Chrome Web Store and get the extension.
  • Select the extension. Choose to “Sign in with a work or school account”. Your login will be your Microsoft address not your gmail address. ie
  • Select the Circle with your initials to access user settings. Then select “My Account”, and “Security & Privacy”, click Password.
  • Enter your current password on the first line and the new one on the next two lines.
    • Microsoft requires strong passwords, so use between 8-16 characters with a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. Do NOT use spaces. (If you can get to an NACS Windows computer to use the instructions above, you do not have to have as strong a password.)
  • You will immediately get a notice to log into Chrome again. Log out and back in with your new password. After you log in with your new password you will be prompted to provide your old password.

 The NACS network password is also used for PowerSchool, Google, YouTube, Canvas, Destiny, and the Help Desk.