Instructions for Substitute Teacher Applicants




Must be a high school graduate and we would like you to have 2 years' experience working with children in some capacity - (ex. children of your own, counselor, organization sponsor, childcare, etc.)


◄CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK THROUGH SAFE HIRING SOLUTIONS AND CHILD PROTECTION INDEX (CPI) THROUGH KIDTRAKS. Be sure to complete the Child Protection Report that will be sent to you in a follow up email from "Kidtraks". (You may need to check your junk or spam email for this.)

If you have an expanded background check through another Corporation and it is less than 5 years old, we will accpet it.  

    The background check can be completed by clicking on the Employment tab on our home page
    then SafeHire Background Check.  You will complete a Non-Certified application.

    Be sure to apply for the sub permit and background check at the same time.   
    Your criminal background must be complete before we can approve your sub permit.


If you do not have a current Indiana Teaching License OR Indiana Substitute Teacher Permit and need to obtain a Substitute Teachers Permit, this can be obtained on-line through the DOE website. Click on the following link to apply for your permit: . You will first need to create a profile. Be sure to indicate Northwest Allen as the accepting school corporation. You should then receive an e-mail confirmation which you will need to click on the link to continue the process. There is a small fee for the sub permit. After you have completed the first portion of this process the state will notify us that there is an application out there to be accepted. We must have your complete criminal background back before we can approve your sub permit.  After we approve your permit a follow up email with addition information and forms to fill out will be sent to you via email.  One your permit is approved you can print off a copy and will need to bring a copy to the Central Office along with the additional forms that will be sent to you.  If you have 60+ credit hours be sure to bring a copy of your transcripts along with the completed forms.  


The"paper" application will be emailed to you along with additional forms once your sub permit and background check are complete.  


Our daily rate of pay is as follows:
$100.00 per full day (subs with less than 60 college credit hours and a sub permit) / $50.00 1/2 day
$110.00 per full day (subs with 60+ college credit hours with valid transcripts) / $55.00 1/2 day
$120.00 per full day (subs with a teaching license or retired teacher) / $60.00 1/2 day