Welcome to the NACS Kindergarten information and resources page. If you are looking for Kindergarten registration, please click here to be directed to that page. Click on the document below to download it. Digital and printable resources will continue to be updated below.

NACS Kindergarten Parent Workshop
NACS is excited to offer a workshop for parents of incoming NACS Kindergartners. This workshop will be one hour, and will provide parents with information and resources to help prepare children for kindergarten. There will be a brief introduction, and then four, ten-minute sessions with kindergarten teachers to learn about expectations, get resources, and gain ideas of activities to do in order to help kids get ready for kindergarten. We ask that this workshop is for parents only (no children), and you can register by clicking on the graphic below. You do not need to register to attend, but we will be preparing resources and it would be helpful to have an idea of attendance numbers. If you have questions, please feel free to email our Literacy Coordinator at [email protected]

Parent Workshop

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Practice Resources
Indicator  Digital/Internet Resources Printable Resources
 Listen to and follow multi-step directions Multistep Directions for Practice Multistep Directions Printable 
Answer questions posed by adults and peers  150 Creative Questions for kids  
Stay on topic in two-way conversation that involves multiple turns  How to Teach Staying on Topic Topic Maintenance Railroad
Communicate actively in group activities  Participates in Group Activities  
 Recognize and identify most uppercase and some lowercase letters How to Teach Letter Recognition in Early Childhood 

14 Best Alphabet Apps for Kids

Alphabet tracing book

10 Playful alphabet activities

10 Letter recognition activities
ABC Books
(scroll to the bottom to download)

Alphabet Tracing Book
(scroll to the bottom to download)

Letter Find Worksheets
(scroll to the bottom to download)

Simple Letter Find Pages
(scroll to the bottom to download)

Recognize and correctly write own name in print  9 Genius Tricks that Help Teach Your Child to Write Their Name 

A Simple Way to Practice Name Writing

10 Name Writing Activities for Preschoolers

Quick Name Activities
Name Tracing Practice Printable 
 Demonstrate basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondence 14 Phenomenal Phonics Activities for Preschoolers 

Learning Letter Sounds

Learning Letter Sounds - YouTube Video

Best Apps for Letter Names and Sound Recognition
Write The Beginning Sound Worksheets 
(Scroll to the bottom. Click "Download the Freebie here"

Beginning Sounds Worksheets
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Printable for Teaching Letter Sounds
(Scroll to bottom to download)

Beginning Sound Picture Sorts
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Beginning Sound Coloring Pages
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Beginning Sound Parking Lots
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Letters and Sounds Game
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Answer questions about a story  7 Important Questions to Ask Your Child During Story Time

Comprehension for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Reading Skills: Reading Comprehension
Answer Questions About A Story Worksheets