Care Plans

For students with the following conditions, please print the corresponding care plan form below and fill in the requested information for the school nurse. This information you provide is important for the safety of your student while in the care of school personnel.

Certain actions to be done at school require a doctor's signature and will be noted on the individual form. This includes certain nurse and other trained staff interventions and permissions for student self-medication.

Student Medical Examinations: Non-Emergent/Non-Urgent Care
All NACS school buildings have access to a Registered Nurse (RN) to assist with medical and other health related concerns. When encountering non-emergent/non-urgent medical situations that involve student private body parts, the following procedure will be followed:
      1) Notify/call the parents/guardians regarding the situation without doing a visual assessment.
     2) Parents/guardians will be given the following options:
           a. The parent may come and be present while the nurse assesses and/or treats the area.
           b. The parent may come and pick up the student to take home or to their own healthcare provider.
     3) Absent a medical emergency, any treatment that would involve an invasive physical examination will not be conducted without the student’s parent/guardian informed consent.


Allergic Reaction Care Plan-(food, bee sting, etc.)

Allergic Reaction Bus Driver Form

Food Allergy Prescription-* form required by food services department


Asthma Care Plan


Emergency Care Plan


Diabetes Parent Letter

Diabetes Medical Management Plan

Glucagon Administration Form

Diabetes Supply List

Diabetes Bus Driver Form

Consent For Release of Information


Seizure Care Plan

Seizure Emergency Medication Consent


General Care Plan