2016-08-22 Minutes


The Northwest Allen County Board of School Trustees met in regular session on Monday, August 22, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in the Carroll High School Office Conference Room. Members present: Kent Somers, Liz Hathaway, Paul Sloffer, Ron Felger and John Hilger. Also present: Chris Himsel, Gloria Shamanoff, Bill Mallers, Lisa Harris and Steve Driver.

Motions herewith mentioned are unanimous unless otherwise stated.

President Kent Somers called the meeting to order.


A. APPROVAL OF MASTER CONTRACT Recommended approval of the enclosed 2016-17 Master Contract pending language approval of counsel. Motion to approve by John Hilger; seconded by Liz Hathaway. Motion carried.

Board Comments: Paul Sloffer thanked everyone for their time and effort in the Master Contract process.

Audience Comments: Steve Driver expressed his appreciation for the Master Contract process being completed at the beginning of the school year. Chris Himsel noted the aspects of the administrator and classified staff agreements that pertain to health, dental, and vision insurance will be adjusted to match the teacher contract language.

Motion to adjourn by Ron Felger; seconded by Paul Sloffer.

Meeting adjourned.

Board President Board Secretary