Achievement and Performance Data

Annual Performance Report

To view the current Annual Performance Report for all public school corporations in Indiana as published by the Indiana Department of Education, go to the Indiana Department of Education website at To see the NACS APR report on the IDOE website click  here

A shortcut to download the full report for NACS may be found at: 

Annual Performance Report 2022 for NACS

Additionally, general information about the contents of the report may be found at:

2022 APR Explanation

Below is a summary of the 2021-22 APR report for NACS.

NACS APR Summary 2021-22

Indiana GPS Dashboard

In an effort to recognize the various characteristics of school districts in Indiana beyond assigning a simple letter grade, the Indiana Department of Education has created and implemented an online dashboard that displays several data points for each school and district. Please note that this newly established dashboard will continue to evolve and change as new measures are established and as new data becomes available.

As stated by the Indiana Department of Education, the goal of the dashboard is to seek to:

  • Empower educators by providing a variety of essential data points to support continuous improvement of student learning across the K-12 continuum,
  • Support families and community stakeholders by providing meaningful, relevant, and transparent information about school progress and performance, and
  • Elevate the highest-performing schools as models of excellence, and identify other schools for additional support.

The homepage for the GPS Dashboard can be accessed at

The Northwest Allen County Schools page on the GPS Dashboard can be accessed at