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Northwest Allen County Schools strives to provide and support meaningful technology integration and resources that foster pedagogical innovation and best practices built upon an open and collaborative digital learning culture. The district's digital learning & technology initiatives are focused around these four goals:

  1. Elevate Student Learning

    Technology integration and resources shall elevate student learning in all academic areas, building life-long learning skills and enlighten digital citizens-competitively preparing our students for the future.

  2. Support Faculty Professional Development

    Resources shall be provided to support a professional development culture that nurtures staff learning and understanding of various instructional and administrative technologies and applications that improve production and instruction.

  3. Maintain a Resilient Infrastructure

    A resilient infrastructure shall be maintained to support current and future digital and technology needs throughout the district.

  4. Integrated Technology Support Staff

    Technology support staff shall be integrated into the district's digital learning culture-keeping the corporation abreast of changes in technology, maintaining the equipment and infrastructure, and providing the necessary assistance for faculty, staff, and students to meet their educational needs.

The NACS EDGE Initiative - Empowered DiGital Education
imeline 2013-2018


  • NACS completes districtwide wireless installations, upgrades network wiring, and expands bandwidth capacities-upgrading six district schools to Category 6

  • District replaces classroom/lab desktops at the middle schools with laptops, additional units are added with installation

  • NACS Technology Department launches Help Desk systems and centralizes staff


  • NACS receives Indiana Department of Education Innovation Planning Grant to develop a strategic digital learning plan that meaningfully integrates technology into curriculum and learning objectives

  • Technology Department selects new technology asset management system, Follett Resource Manager

  • NACS upgrades servers and storage area network (SAN)

  • Technology Committee develops digital learning & technology integration vision; committee considers K-12 1:1 device(s) and support needs

  • Innovation Planning Grant leadership visits school districts with 1:1 integration

  • Professional development focuses on digital learning, Schoolnet and Understanding by Design (UbD) training

  • NACS prepares for 1:1 integration-laptops are chosen for grades 3-12, iPads for grades K-2; district determines integration will start at the secondary schools

  • District selects new learning management system, Canvas

  • Five-Star Instructional Audit evaluates current digital learning integration

  • Technology Department launches Follett Resource Manager for spring tech inventory

  • District replaces laptops at the high school with new devices; additional units are added


  • District launches digital tools-Canvas, Schoolnet (6-12 only), and EasyTech (pilot phase)

  • Technology Department configures Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Office 365

  • Technology Department replaces data center switch and reviews infrastructure for weak points

  • NACS professional development focuses on Canvas, EasyTech, Schoolnet, UbD, and SAMR training

  • District informs parents and students of planned 2016 1:1 launch at secondary schools

  • NACS faculty, staff, parents, and students participate in SpeakUp survey

  • NACS hires two Curriculum Coordinators for Curriculum, Instruction & Technology Integration to assist with 1:1 implementation preparation and training

  • All middle school and high school semester 2 finals in Schoolnet

  • District pilots use of GAFE/Office 365 and elementary assessment in Schoolnet

  • NACS evaluates EasyTech pilot program, defining scope/sequence

  • Administrators and faculty review digital citizenship expectations

  • Technology Committee defines/recommends definition of highly effective use of technology/digital learning

  • Technology Department orders laptops for secondary schools; teachers' devices distributed

  • NACS upgrades infrastructure weaknesses, reviewing content filter solution and testing mobile device management

  • District reviews policies for 1:1 funding, repair, and checkout processes

  • NACS communicates details of fall 1:1 launch to secondary school parents

  • Technology Department prepares laptops for distribution

  • Mathematics textbook adoption selects materials to allow online access

  • District continues training on software and digital learning, including more elementary teachers in training


  • District distributes laptops to middle and high school students

  • NACS adds a third Curriculum Coordinator position to further support teachers

  • Professional development focuses on technology integrated curriculum development and digital learning

  • Curriculum Coordinators offer professional development to teachers in a variety of platforms, including online tutorials and courses, small group instruction, and one-on-one mentoring

  • Common Sense Digital Citizenship training is provided in all schools and grade levels, to achieve district, school, and educator certifications

  • All middle school and high school common assessments are administered in Schoolnet

  • District expands Canvas, its learning management system, to K-12

  • NACS prepares for 1:1 at the elementary schools-review of funding, policies, and device selection

  • Technology department orders devices for elementary schools and distributes devices to teachers

  • Elementary students continue to use EasyTech to learn basic technology proficiencies

  • NACS communicates details of 1:1 launch at elementary schools to parents

  • NACS reviews Curriculum Coordinators for Curriculum, Instruction & Technology Integration position for continuation and/or expansion

  • Science textbook adoption team reviews online materials and open resources

  • Teaching staff are provided training needed to achieve Google Certified Educator status

  • High School develops new class focusing on hardware repair to provide career training for students and assist with district repair needs

  • Technology Department prepares for elementary device distribution


  • NACS distributes devices to elementary students

  • District offers digital learning and technology integration based professional development to administrators and faculty

  • Schoolnet expands to include elementary common assessments

  • Digital Citizenship training and certification continues

  • EasyTech scope and sequence are defined for use across elementary grade levels

  • District evaluates eLearning Day options, begins teacher preparation for effective implementation

  • Technology Department begins regular device rotation/purchase, on a four-year replacement cycle

  • District considers second audit of digital learning and technology integration

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