Northwest Allen County Schools strives to provide and support meaningful technology integration and resources that foster pedagogical innovation and best practices built upon an open and collaborative digital learning culture. The district's digital learning & technology initiatives are focused around these four goals:

  1. Elevate Student Learning

    Technology integration and resources shall elevate student learning in all academic areas, building life-long learning skills and enlighten digital citizens-competitively preparing our students for the future.

  2. Support Faculty Professional Development

    Resources shall be provided to support a professional development culture that nurtures staff learning and understanding of various instructional and administrative technologies and applications that improve production and instruction.

  3. Maintain a Resilient Infrastructure

    A resilient infrastructure shall be maintained to support current and future digital and technology needs throughout the district.

  4. Integrated Technology Support Staff

    Technology support staff shall be integrated into the district's digital learning culture-keeping the corporation abreast of changes in technology, maintaining the equipment and infrastructure, and providing the necessary assistance for faculty, staff, and students to meet their educational needs.

The NACS EDGE Initiative launched in 2013 and continues to empower learners today!
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