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Registration Information

Welcome students and families to Northwest Allen County Schools! This section of our website houses much of the information needed for getting registered and ready to return, including registration dates and times.

Register your child online through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you are new to NACS, please complete the online enrollment prior to registration. 

Computers will be available at the school during onsite registration in early August if the form has not been completed in advance of onsite registration.

February 20, 2024
Kindergarten & NEW incoming student Registration opens for the 2024-25 school year
This registration date is for Kindergartners and new to NACS students only. Registration for current NACS students will open April 29, 2024.

April 29, 2024
Current NACS Students
For the online registration process, this is some information you may want to gather before getting started:

  • All parent/guardian names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and employer names
  • 1-2 emergency contact names and phone numbers (other than parents if possible)
  • Preferred doctor name and phone number
  • Plans for where to send your child in case of an early dismissal of school
  • Medical alert information about your child, if applicable

1. Login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal for the link to our registration pages, on the lower left of the menu. This access is provided only to the parent account, not the student's account. On the registration screens, verify the information currently on file and provide any updates. If changes to the student's name or address are needed, bring the appropriate documentation to the school office during onsite registration. (legal name change or proof of residency documentation)

If you do not already have a parent portal account, create one using the access codes that were sent home with the end of year report cards or attend one of the onsite registration sessions for assistance. If you have trouble creating the account using the codes, you may contact the school office or the Webmaster address at the bottom of the page, but we are generally not able to provide the codes to you via email or phone.

2. Add funds to the lunch account for your child at onsite registration or with the Lunch Accounts Deposits link here or on the left.

3. At various places in the online registration process, you will be referred to handbook and other information on our website. Those are all accessible from this Registration Information section of our site. The pages for updating your child's information are only available at registration time, but the information on our website will be accessible throughout the year.

On-site registration is also available on July 25, 2024 at the times listed below.

  • Elementary: July 25, 12PM - 6PM
  • Secondary: July 25, 7AM - 7PM

**Note: The Indiana Legislature passed new legislation regarding curriculum materials and student fees during the 2023 session. We are continuing to seek guidance as it relates how this will impact fee statements for the 2023-2024 school year. At this time, we do not believe that fee statements will be sent out in the same way that they have, previously.  Watch for more information to be shared from each individual building as we get closer to the start of the school year. 

please visit this New Students page for details.