Verification of Residency - Middle School

Student's Name:___________________________________________________

I am the parent/legal guardian of the above named child who resides with me within the NACS district at:


Address City Zip

Parent(s)/guardian(s) of all new students registering for school in Northwest Allen County Schools must provide a driver's license with current address to verify residency. The driver's license must have the same address on it as one of the documents below.

I am providing proof of residency with my driver's license and one of the following documents:(Please note that parent/guardian's name must be on one of the documents listed below)

  1. Receipt for bill paid to a utility company (gas, electric, or water) for service to the residence listed above
  2. Rental agreement for the residence listed above.
  3. Signed affidavit from central office verifying that you are moving into/building a residence within the Northwest Allen County District.(**see below)
  4. Signed affidavit from central office verifying residence with third party(***see below)

I understand that falsification of any information or documents, either written or verbal, relative to this verification of residency will result in a recommendation for expulsion of the above named student.


Parent/Legal Guardian Signature Date

**If you are in the process of building or moving into a home in the NACS district, you must first go to the administration offices to obtain an affidavit. Please bring your driver's license and the purchase agreement with the address of the new home on it or letter from the builder on the builder's letterhead stating the estimated move-in date and address of the new home.

***If a student and parent are residing in the home of a third party within the NACS attendance area, they must sign an affidavit at the central office to verify residency. Both the property owner and parent are required to present picture identification. The property owner must also bring proper verification of residence (gas, electric, or water bill). Third-party affidavits can only be completed at the central office on/after July 25th. Please contact the middle school that serves your address (CMS or MCMS) prior to this date so we can walk through the registration process with you.

The central office is open from 7:30 to 3:00 through July 28th and from 7:30 to 4:00 on/after August 1st. It is located at 13119 Coldwater Road. The phone number is 637-3155.