What is NACS EDGE?

NACS EDGE - Empowered DiGital Education - is our initiative to empower student learning by providing better access to technology and digital resources. Starting with the 2017-18 school year, every student in grades K-12 will receive a personal device to use at school and at home throughout the school year. During the 2016-17 school year the high school and middle school students were issued devices from the school.

What will my child receive?

Students in grades 6-12 will receive a Lenovo 11e laptop and a protective work-in case. Students remaining enrolled at NACS will keep this same device each year until grade 9 or graduation. The laptops have an 11" screen and 4G RAM. Processors are Celeron N3160, N3150, N2920, or N2940, and storage is a 128G SSD or 320G HDD. The case allows the laptop to be used while still in the case, has a pocket to hold the power adapter, a handle, and a shoulder strap.

Students in grades 1-5 will receive a Lenovo N23 Chromebook and protective work-in case. Kindergarten students will receive a Lenovo N23 Yoga Chromebook. Both Chromebook models look very similar to a laptop and have an 11" touchscreen, Celeron N3060 processor, 4G RAM, and a 16GB or 32GB EMMC storage. The Yoga hinge allows the screen to fold fully back behind the keyboard so the device can be used as a tablet. Students with Chromebooks will no longer be using the Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, etc.). These students will be using the Google Platform (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Chrome, etc). Each device will come with a case, handle, and a shoulder strap to carry to and from school. The device in its case is small enough to fit in most backpacks as well.

When will my child receive the device?

Carroll High School students will receive their laptop and case on the first day of school, August 16. Maple Creek Middle School students will receive theirs on August 17 and Carroll Middle School students on August 18. Elementary students in grades 1-5 will receive their devices on Monday, August 21 in their classroom. Kindergarten student Chromebooks are on backorder with the manufacturer and delivery is expected yet this fall.

How is this being funded and what will it cost parents?

The laptops, Chromebooks, and cases were purchased with a combination of capital projects funds, proceeds from refinancing bonds, and textbook rental fees. The annual rental fee is $90 for middle school and high school students and $50 for elementary students. Kindergarten students will be charged $25 this year since their devices are arriving later than the others. These fees will be included along with the other textbook rental fees.

Can I provide a device for my child instead of renting the school device?

No, students must use the NACS device. NACS must be able to install district software to the devices, and licensing agreements do not allow installation on other hardware. For the various state-mandated online tests, NACS must be able to have full control of the device being used. The majority of the desktop labs in the schools have been removed to prepare for this initiative, so students will need to take these assessments on their NACS device.

What happens if the device is damaged?

For damage to the laptop.Chromebook, or case, repairs will be made or arranged by NACS technology staff. The student will be charged only the cost of the part(s) needed for the repair. There will be no charge for labor costs. If damage is deemed by administration to have been intentional, labor charges may also be assessed, in addition to disciplinary action. Repairs needed for equipment failure, such as items that would be covered under a manufacturer's warranty, will be repaired at no charge. There is a Device Protection Plan available to help offset accidental damage charges. Repairs or parts purchases are not to be made by other than NACS technology staff.

What happens if the device is lost or stolen?

If the equipment is lost or stolen, the student will be charged the full replacement cost of the missing item(s). The purchase cost of the newest model for middle school and high school students was approximately $378. The purchase cost of the current model for elementary school students was approximately $222. The Device Protection Plan does not cover loss or theft.

Is there a protection plan available?

Yes, NACS offers an optional Device Protection Plan to help offset accidental damage charges. For an annual fee of $25, the plan will cover 75% of the cost of repair parts. The plan does not cover damage deemed by administration to be intentional, and it does not cover lost or stolen devices. If the total cost of repairs for a single student reaches $400, the plan is considered complete and future repairs would be billed at 100% of the part costs. Details and the enrollment form are at the link above.

Can the device be connected to the Internet away from school?

Yes, the device can be connected to home or public wireless networks. The available network should pop up or be listed in the wireless icon on the bottom right of the screen. The Internet filter used at NACS will continue to monitor the student device, recording activity and blocking inappropriate sites as needed.

What if we do not have Internet at home?

Teachers will work with students on methods for downloading curriculum materials to the device so they are accessible when not online. There are an increasing number of public locations that offer free wireless connections, including the public libraries and many restaurants. The school wireless is active in the evenings during school events.

Will there be training for students on digital citizenship and how to behave online?

NACS has created digital citizenship curriculum created locally and from Common Sense Media. This instruction was received last year at every grade level kindergarten through 12th grade. Specific instruction will be given at several intervals throughout the year and teachers will reinforce proper digital citizenship with students in all classes this year as well. In the 2016-17 school year, NACS as a district, all 10 schools, and over 245 teachers earned Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship Certification.

What are the expectations for student behavior with technology?

The Device Care & Responsibilities listing includes proper physical care of the device and many of the expectations for behavior. NACS has a Responsible Use Policy included in the student handbook for all grade levels.