Student Email

Note: Students in grades K-5 may email only NACS staff, not other students or anyone outside NACS. Students in grades 6-12 may email only NACS staff and students, unless administration approves limited access to outside mail for specific projects. All Google mail is recorded and subject to review. Messages with inappropriate content will be intercepted and not delivered.

How to Check Your Student Email:

Start on your internet browser

1. Login to Google with your NACS student email ([email protected]) and password (same as your computer login password)

2. Select "Mail" (top right) or select "Mail" from the waffle icon (top right)

Your student email account should load in your browser. If you need further assistance, please stop by your school media center or see your homeroom teacher for help.

For more detailed information about how students will access student email, please read the linked document:
Accessing Student Email
*Make sure that you properly sign into your NACS-provided Google account and not into any personally created GMail accounts.

If you would prefer to watch video instructions for accessing your student email account, please use the following resource: Student Email Directions Video