Definition of High Ability

Indiana Department of Education Definition of High Ability

The Indiana Code defines a student with high abilities as one who:

1. performs at or shows the potential for performing at an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared with other students of the same age, experience, or environment; and

2. is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests.


Gifted performance results from a complex interaction of human qualities - intellectual emotional, family and culture relationships, and educational strategies and methods. It is the relationship between an individual with various potentials and a world with various possibilities that may either lead to high level of gifted performance, or to undeveloped and under-used potentials. The challenge is to find an equitable way to allow all children with high abilities the opportunity to participate in experiences designed to maximize the development of their potential. Well-designed curriculum and well-prepared teachers are essential to provide appropriate educational experiences.

From Identifying students with high abilities in Indiana, IDOE Division ofExceptional Learners